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Thanks to Scotiabank, and as part of the strategies developed by our university to link its students with the labor market, on August 3, students of the Professional Ethics course participated in the talk on Employability and Personal Branding, given by Ianna Pimentel, part of the Recruitment and Selection team of the financial institution.

The objective of this talk was to expose the students to the acquisition of different soft and social skills, which will allow them to learn how to increase their competitive advantage and individual value proposition, develop and present their projects in a more agile way, learn how to combine the knowledge and skills acquired so far, know the importance of being able to position themselves within a company, deal with customers and, above all, adopt strategies to prepare for a job interview.

To conclude the meeting, the Scotiabank team offered the senior students different internship programs within their organization.

This activity was coordinated by Ms. Karlans Camacho through the Continuing Education Unit and the Teacher Development Center. It was attended by the Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Laura Reyes; the coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in English oriented to Teaching, Ligia Henríquez; the coordinator of the Systems Engineering and Software Engineering, Carlos Núñez; the Head of Student Orientation, Lucía Zimbrón; the teacher of the education area, César Santil; the teacher of the Professional Ethics course, Karina Taveras, as well as the bank’s Recruitment and Selection team.