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Admission Tests

Academic Measurement and Orientation Test (POMA)

What is the Test of Orientation and Measurement of Academic Intelligence (POMA)?

The Academic Orientation and Measurement Test, better known by its acronym POMA, is an academic aptitude test designed to evaluate your academic intelligence, understood as your ability to apply your mental processes to a set of academic content.

It is mandatory for all those who wish to enter higher education. This test evaluates the following contents:

VC: Verbal concepts or words.

CM: Mathematical or numerical concepts

CE: Perceptual structures or figures

CN: Natural Science Concepts

CS: Social Science Concepts

CC: Assessment of Human Behaviors

Undergraduate Admission Test (PAA)

College Board Academic Aptitude Test

Verbal Reasoning: Critical Reading, Sentence Completion, Analogical Reasoning and Indirect Writing.

Mathematical Reasoning: Arithmetic, Algebra I, Geometry, Basic Statistics and Probability.

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