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Academic Structure

Ramón Sosa

Dr. Laura Reyes Alardo, Ph.D
Academic Vice Chancellor

Laurisia Concha
University Registrar Coordinator

Kamairys Guzmán.
Head of Admissions

Lucía Zimbrón
Head of Student Orientation

Karlans Camacho
Continuing Education Coordinator

Karina Taveras
Extension and Social Outreach Coordinator
Vilma Gerardo

Academic Management, Curricular and Faculty Development Director

Dr. Martha Campusano, Ph.D

Coordinator of Academic and Curricular Management

Carlos Núñez
Engineering Area Coordinator

Ligia Henríquez
Education Area Coordinator

Alejandra Brunet
General Studies Coordinator

Dr. Alexandra García
Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Coordinator
Francisco Felipe
Specialization in Finance and Master’s in Business Administration Coordinator