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Frequent Asked Questions


What is the University’s class schedule?

UNDERGRADUATE: Classes are held Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 10:00 pm. Some subjects are offered on Saturdays.

GRADUATE: For students in our business programs, classes are held on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. For those in our education programs, classes are held on Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm (in person) and virtual classes on Tuesday and Thursday at times scheduled by the teacher.


How does the University work?

Our programs are structured by trimesters. (JANUARY-APRIL, MAY-AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER). Graduate programs begin in January of each year.


How can I apply to UNICDA?

To apply to UNICDA, you must submit your original documents to our Admissions Department pay an admission fee and schedule the dates for some pre-admission tests.

All our bachelor’s & engineering degrees in any major take approximately 3 ½ years to finish.


What majors does UNICDA offer?

Systems Engineering

Software Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Bachelor’s Degree in English Oriented to Teaching


What postgraduate programs does UNICDA offer?

Specialist Degree in Information Systems Administration

Specialist Degree in Finance

Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Master’s Degree in Business Administration


What does UNICDA offer for continuing education?

Diploma courses



Are classes in English?

The only major with classes in English is the Bachelor’s Degree in English Oriented to Teaching (except for basic cycle subjects – first 2 trimesters are in Spanish). 


Do I have to know English to study at UNICDA?

Yes, if you are interested in the Education major, since it is taught mostly in this language.

For the other majors, if you don’t speak English we recommend you start studying English along with your university studies, since once the 6th semester starts you must have a level 6 to be able to graduate, according to your Study Plan.


I studied English at the Domínico. Does that meet requirements?

In order to enroll in the subject INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH I (ING 260) you must have completed and passed level 6 of the Basic English program at the ICDA Language School.

If you are fluent in the English language and are interested in exonerating some English classes from your major’s Study Plan, you must apply for the TOEIC test during the admission process.


Is the University officially recognized?

Yes, we have authorization to operate through Presidential Decree No. 389-01, of March 20, 2001.


About the entrance exams …

All incoming students are required to take the Prueba de Orientación y Medición Académica (POMA) that assesses the material learned in high school, as well as the Prueba de Aptitud Académica (PAA) and an English test. The cost is RD$1,500.

In the case of foreigners whose mother tongue is not Spanish, they must refer to the Language School for a FREE Spanish exam for foreigners. To enter the University you must pass with a level 4.

The dates and times of these entrance exams will be scheduled when you submit your documents to UNICDA’s Admissions Department.


I heard about an agreement between UNICDA and ITLA …

Indeed, we have an agreement through which graduates of ITLA’s Tecnólogos programs can transfer a considerable amount of credits to our University, acquiring the Degree in Systems Engineering or Software Engineering in just over 2 years.


How can I get a scholarship?

To apply for scholarships, consult the Institution that sponsors said scholarship and learn about any requirements they have. This way you’ll be able to carry out the admission process at UNICDA.