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As the nation’s foremost leader in the teaching of English, our institution is committed to training teachers in this language. With that commitment, over the past years the Teacher Development Center has been collaborating with different institutions that serve the education sector. Institutions such as MINERD, MESCYT, INAFOCAM, and ISFODOSU are some of the many whose English teachers we have supported with trainings, workshops and certifications in collaboration with prestigious and accredited international institutions of higher education, such as SIT World Learning by way of Centro Espiral Maná for the international certifications of more than 200 professors from different institutions, and the University of Maryland of Baltimore County UMBC in the training of teachers and coaches. These institutional collaborations were carried out at the behest of the United States Embassy in Santo Domingo, who together with the ICDA share a vision of the synergy that is created by the work of two sister nations.

With more than 1,500 teachers having received trainings in more than 20 locations around the country, it’s been our privilege to contribute to the process of forming professional English Language teachers in the Dominican Republic. Language teaching from a communicative approach and reflective teaching practice have been part of the aspects that internationally certified trainers have worked with teachers in from different institutions in various parts of the country.

Inspired by the work of these years, the Teacher Development Center is designing a portfolio of services for teachers and their continuing education.


To train teachers, the principle actors for Education in the Dominican Republic and the region, by means of innovative and specialized programs that allow they mastering of the skills required to achieve an effective teaching-learning process.


To be a dynamic space where educators, the principle actors for Education in the Dominican Republic and the region, work collaboratively in the generation of strategies and methods that favor the teaching-learning process.