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Bachelor’s Degree in English Oriented to Teaching

Access and admissions

The Admissions Department is the body responsible for the process that coordinates, organizes, selects and admits a candidate into an academic program that leads to the student’s enrollment.

The Bachelor’s Degree in English Oriented to Teaching has been designed following the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCyT) in order not to be exclusive; hence, two forms of entry have been considered.

The modality into which the student is placed will depend on his/her proficiency in the English language, which is determined by a level exam that measures the linguistic competences established by the Common European Framework of References:

  1. a) Mode I

Any student whose proficiency level is lower than B1 according to the Common European Framework of References will be placed in this modality.

These students must enroll in a four (4) hours-a-day university English course as part of the trimester for a total of 320 hours with the aim of getting the student up to the desired proficiency level to meet the learning objectives of the program’s curriculum.

It is most likely that it will take these students more than 11 trimesters to complete their studies and obtain their degree.

  1. b) Mode 2

Students who obtain a level of B1 or higher on the language proficiency test may enter this modality.

If necessary, students in this modality may take English classes on their own time, but they are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of their ongoing university classes.

  1. c) Other requirements to be met are the following:
  • High school graduate
  • Assessment of English proficiency (oral and written)
  • Prueba de Orientación y Medición Académica Test (POMA)
  • Standardized test (Prueba de Aptitud Académica PAA)

For those students who pass the POMA test, but fail one or more of its disciplinary components, they must take remedial courses and all other academic actions necessary to guarantee they acquire these competencies and knowledge measured in the test prior to the start of their university studies.

After completing the remedial courses, students must again take the component(s) of the entrance exam which they previously failed. Only those students who pass with a minimum of 70 points may start their planned programs of study. Students who do not pass a second administration of the entrance exam must be given orientations about other programs of study, for which vocational tests will be applied.

Likewise, students must complete the following documentation:

  • Certificate of National Tests, having passed preferably in the First Call
  • Photocopy of valid national identity card or passport.
  • Certified birth certificate.
  • Transcript of high school grades signed by the educational district.
  • High School diploma issued by the Ministry of Education (MINERD).
  • Pruebas Nacionales Certificate, having passed preferably in the First Call
  • Medical certificate.
  • Two 2 x 2 photos.
  • Filled out application form for admission.