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Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Principles

As a result of the Institutional Strategic Plan 2023-2025, the Universidad Domínico Americano (UNICDA) has made changes in its strategic line, which will govern its activities as of February 2023. In this section you will find the new mission and vision, as well as the values and strategic principles of the university.


We are a bicultural university community that develops competent professionals with a comprehensive, innovative vision committed to quality.


To be a multicultural university community of excellence in the formation of global citizens who transform society.


    • Commitment
    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Inclusion and Equity
    • Integrity
    • Community Service

Strategic Principles

    • Quality oriented to innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Partnerships and alliances to generate social impact
    • Positioning as a bicultural entity
    • Financial sustainability