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Participantes de las diferentes universidades
On May 14, Universidad Domínico Americano (UNICDA) offered its facilities for young adults with a passion for mathematics to participate in the 36th edition of the International Championship of Mathematical and Logical Games, organized by the Swiss Federation of Mathematical Games (FSJM).
The championship had 37 participants, among them teachers and students from our university, as well as from different local institutions of higher education. Similarly, a group of primary and secondary school students from different public schools had the opportunity to participate virtually in the children’s category.
The successful candidate will be invited to represent the country in the international final in Lausanne, Switzerland, on August 26 and 27, 2022.
The event was organized by our university through its Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Laura Reyes; the Coordinator of the Teacher Development Center, Karlans Camacho; and the Statistics professor, Mr. César Santil.
This type of experience promotes various soft skills among students, such as the analysis of a game and problem solving. Mathematics plays an important role in the development of the intellect; it teaches to observe carefully, to analyze a situation and to make conjectures; it also contributes to the design of strategies, deductive reasoning and critical thinking, which is so necessary for today’s professionals.