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On the occasion of the celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, our university participated in the experiential panel “Entrepreneurship that Influences”, organized by Emprende Junior.

The event was held at PYHEX WORK and was attended by several of our students, students from Triumphare College, and representatives of the young people of the Social Responsibility Program of the firm NgestiónRD, the Entrepreneurial Community MiPymes and the Ibeoamerican Network.

The panel was composed of Saiuri Bonnet, Arantxa Soto, Piero Gómez, and as moderator, Dr. Nidia Beatriz Columna, professor of the Master’s Program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at our university.

In the photo, representing UNICDA, Dr. Laura Reyes, Academic Vice Chancellor; Ms. Karina Taveras, Head of Extension; Mr. Erasmo Taveras, Coordinator of Student Life, and Ms. Koral Núñez, Coordinator of Educational Innovation. Also, Ms. Nerys Ramos, Ms. Patricia Tineo and Ms. Joselín Sosa.