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Our university, through the Extension and Social Outreach Unit, and with the support of the Graduate Business Area and the Human Resources Department, held a financial education workshop for administrative and teaching staff of the institution.

The talk was given by the Banco de Reservas Specialist, Mr. Magin Domingo, and its objective was to promote a culture of financial sustainability. Among the topics discussed, the following were highlighted:
🔹Change your chip
🔹Know the cost of your community
🔹Look at your risks head on
🔹Create a new financial routine
We thank the participation of the attendees and those who made this activity possible.

In the main photo, Mr. Magin Domingo, from Banco de Reservas; Vilma Sosa, Director of Human Resources; Karina Taveras, Extension Manager; Sofía Otero; Culture Department Director; Ligia Henríquez, Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in English oriented to Teaching; Alejandra Brunet, Coordinator of the Tourism and Hotel Business Administration Program; Erasmo Taveras, Coordinator of the Student Life Department; Nélida Cairo, Director of the Lincoln Library; and Michael Moore, Coordinator of Evaluations.