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As part of the celebration of its 20th Ordinary Graduation, the Universidad Domínico Americano, UNICDA, demonstrated its strong commitment to sustainability and the future through the “UNICDA Sostenible” program. The academic institution held the activity “Sowing a Green Legacy for Future Generations” last October 7, 2023, as part of its initiatives to promote environmental awareness among its graduates.

Dr. Laura Reyes, UNICDA’s Academic Vice Rector, welcomed the attendees and graduates. The latter had the privilege of participating in an enriching talk given by the distinguished Agronomist Luis Eduardo Peña.

The activity culminated with an emotional moment in which the graduates, together with the academic authorities of UNICDA, headed by Mr. Ramón Sosa, Rector of the university, planted a tree symbolizing a green legacy for future generations. This gesture symbolizes UNICDA’s commitment to the preservation of the environment and the construction of a more sustainable world.

“Sowing a Green Legacy for Future Generations” stands as a memorable event that underscores UNICDA’s vision of forming conscientious citizens committed to the well-being of the planet. The institution thanks all the graduates who joined this significant activity, demonstrating their dedication to sustainability and a brighter future.

UNICDA reaffirms its commitment to foster positive change and to continue being an educational institution that promotes sustainable values. The university congratulates all the graduates and urges them to continue leading the way towards a greener world.