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Our university has initiated the development of the Institutional Strategic Plan for the period 2023-2025, which will establish a high-level guide for the achievement of objectives, as well as a framework for decision-making and resource allocation. During its development, the Strategic Committee, together with the Pareto Consulting Group, will identify opportunities, evaluate risks and create plans to address current and future challenges facing the institution.

This process includes the active participation of all members of the university community represented within the Strategic Committee by:
  • Messrs. Darío Lama and Enrique Fernández Malla, President and Member of the Board of Directors, respectively.
  • Ramón Sosa, Chancellor
  • Ms. Karlans Camacho, Secretary of Strategic Direction
  • Ms. Alicia Carlo, Director of Student Life and Vice Chancellor of Extension
  • Alejandra Brunet, Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration, representing the administrative area.
  • Professor Nathanael Ureña on behalf of the teachers.
  • Héctor Aquino, representing the graduates.
  • María del Pilar Socías, student of the Bachelor’s Degree in English for Teaching, representing the student body.
  • Ms. Koral Núñez, liaison with the U.S. Embassy.
Among the objectives pursued by this Institutional Strategic UNICDA Plan 2023-2025, are:  
  • To obtain a diagnosis of the current political, economic, social, technological, legal and educational environments and future prospects by high-level national and international speakers.  
  • Conduct an analysis of the current conditions related to internal areas.  
  • Redefine UNICDA’s strategic thinking.  
  • Establish guidelines, objectives and strategic indicators.  
  • Design a follow-up mechanism.  
We encourage you to stay tuned to our communication channels in order to know the progress of this process that will guide UNICDA’s actions during the next 3 years.