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In this event, which aimed to strengthen the ties between the secondary and higher education sectors, we presented the new mission, vision and values for the period 2023-2025, as well as our educational offerings, facilities and installations. Education USA’s unit also had a special participation, highlighting the facilities offered to our educational community and the Dominican population.

Emphasis was also placed on the importance of the coordination of all these actions towards the achievement of biculturalism, in a university that is part of a binational institution, shaped by the ties of cooperation and brotherhood between the Dominican Republic and the United States.  

UNICDA’s student-centered educational model focuses on the nature of the institution for the achievement of its mission in the subjects, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. As the university of the institution, it is linked to the American culture through various initiatives and projects sponsored by them. ICDA and UNICDA are part of a space called American Spaces.

On behalf of our institution participated our Academic Vice Rector, Dr. Laura Reyes, Victor Filpo and Dania Gell from Education USA, the Coordinator of the Teacher Development Center (TDC), an expert in Education in English as a Second Language (TESOL) and advisor for the bilingualism of all our students, Lic. Karina Taveras, Lic. Erasmo Taveras, Coordinator of Student Life, Lic. Kamayris Guzmán, Head of Admissions and Lic. Lucía Zimbrón, Counselor and teacher of UNICDA.