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Bachelor’s Degree in English Oriented to Teaching

GENERAL OBJECTIVES To train teachers with the pedagogical skills required for teaching English as a foreign language, based on an innovative and effective methodology that allows the training of teachers in this area. To train professionals who, in addition to mastering their mother tongue, achieve an advanced level of comprehension and production, both oral and […]

Tourism and Hotel Business Administration

GENERAL OBJECTIVES To handle information, interpret situations and develop the ability to elaborate plans for the national and international tourism and hotel sector. To know the structures of the hotel management system, as well as the laws that govern the operation of these sectors in the economy. PROFESSIONAL FIELD PRACTICE Within the set of functions […]

Business Administration

GENERAL OBJECTIVES The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration aims to provide a broad base and a solid preparation in the field of management, which allows the professional to solve management problems of various kinds in the areas of administration, accounting, finance, marketing, organizational strategy and human resources, through full knowledge of the new markets and […]

Software Engineering

GENERAL OBJECTIVE To train professionals with the ability to develop business information systems and computer applications, applying methods to solve problems using Software Engineering procedures and guaranteeing the security of the information, the quality of the result and the control of the development process, according to international norms and standards of the software industry. PROFESSIONAL […]

Systems Engineering

GENERAL OBJECTIVE To contribute to the development of the country and the business sector, through the training of technicians and professionals in the area of information technology, providing them with the necessary technological tools, according to the advances demanded by today’s world. To develop innovative professionals oriented to the search for solutions to new and […]