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In a night characterized by literature, art and culture, writer María del Pilar Socías presented to the community of our university her juvenile story “Memorias de Ela”, a book whose main message is love, which she describes as “the only thing that the more you give, the less it runs out”.
The prologue was read by Aridia Bénitez, a student of the Bachelor’s Degree in English Oriented to Teaching at our university. The activity also included several performances by the Mixed Choir of the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano and the interpretation of the song “The Call” by Shade.
This event, held at the Patrick N. Hughson Auditorium, was attended by the Minister of Youth, Mr. Rafael Feliz García and on behalf of UNICDA, our Chancellor, Mr. Ramón Sosa; the Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Laura Reyes; the Lincoln Library Director, Ms. Nélida Cairo, as well as coordinators of the different majors, administrative staff and students.
The activity closed with a cocktail reception in the Exhibition Hall where the guests socialized and shared ideas about the literary piece.
About the author of Memories of Ela
María del Pilar Socías is a young Dominican writer and student of the Bachelor’s Degree in English oriented to Teaching at Universidad Domínico Americano (UNICDA); she has a degree in history and is a teacher by vocation. She is a volunteer for the foundations Bosque Sagrado, Eco Juventud and Vida Azul.

“Memorias de Ela” is available at the Lincoln Library.